Memorable Adventures With Locals In Thailand


By Matthew Karsten January 23, 2017 My most memorable travel experiences usually involve interacting with locals in the country I’m visiting. That’s exactly what happened traveling in Thailand. International travel can lead to some unforgettable adventures, as it certainly has for me over the past 3 years. Even more so when you see a country through the eyes of local people who live there. The guys from WithLocals asked me to share some of my favorite local experiences in Thailand. They specialize in connecting travelers with local people for unique travel adventures. Elephant Nature Park Ever since she was a little girl, Lek was fascinated with the elephants that called Thailand home. These incredibly intelligent and emotional creatures inspired her to save them from the torture and abuse being inflicted by logging and tourism industries. Which is exactly what she’s doing today with Elephant Nature Park. Visiting this amazing elephant sanctuary in Chiang Mai and learning about these magnificent creatures from Lek was a very special experience for me. Songkran Festival Definitely the craziest festival I’ve ever been to, Songkran is a celebration of the Thai New Year. What started with Buddhist monks blessing people with a splash of water has morphed into an epic 3 day water fight in streets around the country. Armed with water guns and buckets of ice water, complete strangers of all ages team up to drench everyone within reach from sunrise to sunset in what has to be one of the coolest festivals in the world. Traditional Thai Tattoo It will be very difficult to forget this particular local experience, especially with a permanent souvenir etched into my upper back with snake venom ink. Visiting the Thai Buddhist temple of Wat Bang Phra, sitting on the ground for hours waiting for a monk to hand-engrave a traditional Sak Yant tattoo into my skin was pretty special. Not to mention sharing that adventure with 40 local people receiving their own magic tattoos. Travel With Locals To really experience the best a country has to offer, meeting with local people who are willing to share their culture, food, or natural wonders with you will result in some truly amazing stories that you’ll never forget.


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