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Hollyford-Pyke Loop Trail - Hollyford Sound, Fiordland National Park, New Zealand

in Rafting / Kayaking / Canoeing / Rowing, Hiking, New Zealand, Camping

By Antonio Cala – The Adventure Junkies Location: Hollyford Sound, Fiordland National Park. New Zealand Fiordland National Park, in the south island of New Zealand. An amazing place for hiking and do-it-yourself adventures.

Hollyford Sound, Fiordland National Park. New Zeal

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Inside The Notorious Darien Gap - Panama

in Fishing, Rafting / Kayaking / Canoeing / Rowing, Boating, Panama

By Matthew Karsten Date: November 18, 2017 The Darien Gap is a remote, roadless swath of jungle on the border of Panama & Colombia. Known as a drug smuggling corridor between the two countries, it’s rarely seen by outsiders.

Darien Gap - Panama

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Tipi Camping In The Forests Of Dalsland - Sweden

in Mountain Biking, Fishing, Rafting / Kayaking / Canoeing / Rowing, Horse Riding, Zip Lining, Hiking, Sweden, Road Trip, Camping

By Matthew Karsten Date: 15 June 2017 Location: Steneby Prästgård, Sweden Thor happily munches away as I stroke his large velvety antlers. I’ve always wanted to pet a moose. Sweden has over 300,000 of them living in the wild.

660 10 DalsLånged, Sweden

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Vancouver Island Road Trip: Whales, Waterfalls, & First Nations Culture - Canada

in Rafting / Kayaking / Canoeing / Rowing, Whale Watching, Hiking, Canada, Road Trip, Waterfalls

Just when we’re about to give up searching, a group of humpback whales pop their heads above the water, feeding on a school of fish swimming in the turbulent coastal currents. Then they dive below, flashing us glimpses of massive tails.

Vancouver Island, Canada

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