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Tyke Tinting Solutions is a family run business based in Cape Town. Our protective or decorative tint fitted to glass windows and doors provides added safety, privacy and ensures you remain cool comfortable in your home, office or motor vehicle. Attention to detail, commitment to quality workmanship and uncompromising service delivery is what sets us apart.


Battersea Bend
15 Battersea Place
Parklands, Cape Town, Western Province 7441
South Africa

Bayside Mall

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  • Along with heat reduction, window film can also help protect your investments.
  • Ultraviolet light not only fades your furniture, curtains and blinds, but too much of it can pose a serious health threat.
  • Some window films offer an additional shatter resistance safety feature.
  • The benefits of professional window tinting include: UV Protection, Heat Reduction, Smash and Grab, Privacy, Graphic Applications and UV Glare Protection.


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